Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dad's famous "Paw Paw Shooters"


4 - 750 ml. bottles of home made Paw Paw wine*
1 BB pistol & 1 or 2 16g carbon dioxide cartridges
BB Pellets
1. Tastefully arrange the bottles of wine (unopened) against a backdrop of canvas or landscape fabric draped over a sawhorse. They should be at room temperature.
2. Draw straws to see who shoots first.
3. Take turns shooting until no bottle is left unshattered. (Or 'NBLU' as we call it.)
4. Deposit remains in recycling bin.
5. Celebrate by drinking something good.

The prep time for the Paw Paw wine is generally what makes this such a special dish to serve, so you won't want to make it very often. But everyone should try it at least once. 

* This would also be great made with home made persimmon wine.