Sunday, October 23, 2005

That'll look good on the resume...

Newly tattooed Phil is working this weekend—parking bikes and providing security for Biketoberfest in D.B. So what are you gonna do if things get hairy—rationalize them into submission? Whip out Occam's razor and slice off their fallacy? Obfuscate them with your explanation of the significance of the first 47 digits of pi?

Too cool. But to do it properly, he needs to shave his head, get wraparound shades, and shave Schroeder, too.

Schroeder would make a bad-ass junkyard dog, unless the object of having a junkyard dog would be to protect the junkyard...

1 comment:

Madeline! said...

Schroeder would be an excellent junkyard dog... until someone was actually serious about getting into the junkyard.

Then, of course, they'd be calling his big, bad bluff and would discover that "WOOF!! WOOF!! WOOF!!" does not, in fact, mean "I'll rip your guts out!"

Really, it means "OMG! PEOPLE! LOVE! LOVE! LOOOOOVE!"