Monday, November 02, 2009

The Rules of Hiking:

  1. Hiking is walking, not running. Don't race.
  2. Keep your hands free. Don't carry anything big in your hands or walk with your hands in your pockets. This means no walking sticks.
  3. Talk quietly so only the people in your group can hear you. Don't disturb other people.
  4. Keep a steady pace. Hum a song quietly to help you.
  5. Drink plenty of water and snack when you feel hungry—but—don't take your first break until you've walked for at least a half and hour. That lets you set a good pace.
  6. Stop and take care of 'hot spots' on your feet before they become blisters, which hurt a lot more.
  7. Don't pick flowers or other pretty things. Leave them for the next person to enjoy. The only exception is wild fruit like blackberries or blueberries. They make a great treat, and give you energy, but only eat what you want while you're hiking. Don't pick them to take home or eat later on.
  8. Take home everything you brought with you—don't leave anything behind. Even little bits of food, like an apple core or an orange peel, can make things less fun for the next people to come through.
  9. Leave things better than you found them. Carry a small trash bag and pick up any trash you might find. The animals will appreciate it, and you set a good example for other people, too.

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