Friday, November 23, 2012

A Recipe for Beer—The Infamous Snowpocalypse Porter

Snowpocalypse Porter—February 10, 2010 (Round 2 of the Blizzards of 2010)
2 lbs. Wasmund's smoked malt
2 lbs 120-l malt
2 lbs Chocolate malt
1 lb honey
½ lb Blackstrap molasses
½ lb Molasses
1 tsp gypsum
3 quarts water from melted snow
Step mash
Initial gravity 1.052
Chilled wort in snowbank, which is remarkable inefficient unless you are constantly fiddling with it.


We have two champagne bottles of this stuff left, and we haven't tasted it in well over a year. We will be killing those off sometime over the holidays, so keeping fingers crossed...could be spectacular.

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