Saturday, January 09, 2016

Where Plato and Monty Python intersect

The other day the word "Demiurge" came to mind (don't ask me why). I had heard it sometime, a long time ago, but had no idea whatsoever what it meant...I didn't even have a clue what domain it might belong in. So I had to look it up, and clearly it's not a word you're going to be able to work into conversations very often, at least not in conversations with most of the people I know.

It's a philosophical construct dating back to the Ancient Greeks, and passed down through the Gnostics into some obscure strains of Christianity, where it's taken on a distinctly different color from its original conception.

I mentioned the word to Mary, and she had not come across it either. She surmised that from the prefix of 'demi,' it referred to a 'partial' urge. But I related the definition to her, and she said "...Oh, yeah. Like the 'Time Bandits.'

Yep. Exactly. The Time Bandits were Demiurges, every last one of them.

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