Saturday, August 27, 2005

Blowing bubbles

I attended a wedding reception this weekend, and was absolutely charmed and delighted by my youngest niece, a little bundle of boundless energy who was endlessly entranced and engaged by chasing bubbles the various guests were blowing for her amusement; her guileless laughter and squeals of joy echoed through the crowd like the songs of angels.

It made me think about the troubled world we live in, and I said to myself:

"What if we could bring all the leaders of the world's countries, and religions, and political factions and other groups together in one place for just a few hours? And what if they all got together and just spent some time blowing bubbles with each other, and laughing and chasing bubbles on the breeze? Then maybe they'd forget the petty squabbles and grudges and grievances that divide us, and relax and think about how we're really the same underneath it all."

"Then, while they're preoccupied, we could lock them all up in a big cage, and toss it into a really deep part of the ocean, maybe like one of those places where the superheated, mineral-rich water comes spewing out of a mid-oceanic rift zone where the continental plates are drifting apart, where three-foot long pink and white tube worms without eyes live, anchored to the rock, in perpetual darkness just inches from scalding black water rocketing from nightmarish chimneys grown from the living water, the dominant species in a hydrogen sulfide fueled ecosystem?"

Well, like the man said:

"...You may call me a dreamer; but I'm not the only one..."


Andrew said...

[soapy bubble pops in W's eye]
"We gotta stop these terrorists from putting soap bubbles in our eyes, so I've ordered our troops to begin preparations for invading Colgate-Palmolive."

"But sir, these soap bubbles were made from soap manufactured by Lever Group, " says aide.

"Well, shoot, I happen to know that some of Lever stockholders also own stock in Colgate-Palmolive and on top of that, my Daddy doesn't like Coglate toothpaste, he almost choked on it once. ATTACK!"

Anonymous said...

I'm sad I couldn't be there to see the non-political part of the post.

But such is the price of higher education.