Sunday, August 21, 2005

H-D: The "Hello Kitty" of the motorcycle world?

Apparently you can buy virtually any product in an officially licensed "Harley-Davidson" version. There is of course the entire line of riding gear, from boots to helmet. There are sunglasses and eyeglass frames. Underwear for men and women. Barware. Glassware. Trinkets. Tchochkes. Bangles and baubles. Christmas tree ornaments. Beer and cologne. Jewelry. Pickup trucks and stickers to put on pickup trucks that aren't H-D licensed. Do-rags for the rider and do-rags for the rider's pet, to go along with (I kid you not) the entire line of H-D licensed pet toys and pet garments. Blankets, day-minders (what free spirit needs a dayminder? what happened to "...born to be wild?") cellphone cases and baseball caps, (and here I quote) "Clothing, posters, boots, clocks, jewelry, jackets, collectibles, furniture, pool cues, bar stools, engines, helmets, tires, calendars, frames, wheels, books, art, blankets, pillows, calendars, zippo lighters, clocks, stock, wall mirrors, posters, jewelry, billiards, helmets, bbq grills, juke boxes, gloves, chaps, safety eyewear, frames, dog collars, wallpaper borders...Lamps, decorations, furniture, knives, models, mugs, movies, neck ties, belt buckles, signs, telephones, tires, saddlebags, truck grills, refrigerators, poker tables, pool tables, lights, diecast models...Kids clothing, ladies boots, bar stools, pool cues, leather jackets, clothing, watches, toys, t-shirts, collectibles, belts." Who knows, probably a Visa card and life insurance as well.
Of course, H-D was notorious for their failed attempt to trademark (...again, I kid you not...) the sound of the 45-degree V-twin with single crankpin, and as far as I know, the smell of napalm in the morning.
There is an awful lot on this list that isn't, um, motorcycles--but as the shirt says, "Maybe if they had more Engineers, they wouldn't need so many Lawyers..." It calls to mind "Hello Kitty," the brand that isn't anything but--a brand.
Hey, c'mon guys...all in good fun...c'mon...ow...

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Anonymous said...

did you mean 45* single crankpin?

Side note, it would be diffucult to balance a non-parallel twin with two crankpins.