Sunday, September 04, 2005

Making it up as we go along

We set up a task force of twenty in an unused office with phones and computers, set up on molded plastic folding tables. Because we had pretty much used all the hardware we had on hand and were scraping the bottom of the barrel, the group got stuck with the last of our old mouses—dirty, worn roller-ball mouses which didn't work well on the slightly textured surface of the plastic tables.

So I had to go and hunt down my stock of mousepads that had I grabbed out of the trash several months ago, leftover promotional items from a defunct department. For some odd reason, these mousepads were hugely oversized, 13" by about 9"—a veritable football field from a mouse perspective, and certainly too large to work well in the crowded quarters of the cramped little office.

So now I had to hunt down a paper cutter (...who has a paper cutter nowadays in the era of the paperless office? We do—it's right next to the electric typewriter, the dictaphone, and the Edison Wax cylinder player...look just below the carbon paper) and cut each mousepad in half.
Problem solved; everyone could now use their mouse properly.

They don't teach you things like that in IT school; they don't teach you things like that in Manager school . You just make it up as you go along.

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