Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Thank you, Associated Press...

A bloated turkey buzzard, gorging itself all day on the rotting carcass of a cow near the road, was unable to get enough height crossing the road and collided with a motorcyclist Aug. 11 on Interstate 25 near Glendo in Platte County.

"As the guy came by, the turkey buzzard schmucked him in the face," Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Chuck Bloom told the Platte County Record-Times.

"It slobber-knocked him -- that's the only word for it." Rodney E. Mason of El Paso, Texas, was able to keep his 1994 Harley Davidson motorcycle upright for a few hundred feet as he slowed down before sliding to a stop."

The only thing that saved him from having a shattered face was that he had a full-face helmet on," Bloom said. Mason's fiancee was following on another motorcycle and was "sprayed with putrid meat from the bird" after the collision, Bloom said.

Wow. Just when you thought you had heard every conceivable take on the subject of road risks. I'm not sure what more need be said on the subject. After all, how often do you read the phrase "...sprayed with putrid meat" in the mainstream media, anyway?

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