Sunday, September 11, 2005


I recall seeing American Airlines Flight 77 eighteen seconds before it hit the Pentagon, by my estimate. This morning, a cool, clear beautiful blue September morning like that one was, I decided to have my own remembrance my own way.

I rode to my favorite old country store on my favorite twisty back roads. I bought a big white styrofoam cup of plain coffee from the self-serve Bunn four-pot coffee machine. I got a carton of chocolate milk from the cooler and two plain Krispy Kreme doughnuts from the counter. I paid with a ten, put all the change in the jar on the counter for the Red Cross-Katrina aid fund, went and sat out on the front porch.

I tempered the coffee with the chocolate milk, ate doughnuts and sipped coffee, and watched as nothing went by on the road or the railroad tracks for a long time. Licked my fingers clean as best I could, saddled up and headed for home.

So much heat, so little light from that awful day. You just have to find the good and embrace it with all your heart.

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Anonymous said...

If you recall seeing that flight about 18 seconds before its horrible end, then you also recall the last few seconds of one of my closest friends' father's life.

A year ago today I didn't really know Chris very well, but now that I've spent so much time with him, the day has kind of a different feel. A weirder feel.

Still, not going to make a huge deal of it in my behavior today, except in a pause here, a pause there, or a moment to sit and think.